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WHo is Miss Magikal?


miss magical


I Dream of Healing through Music and Love,,,as a channel for Divine Spirit,,, presenting to the World the Creations which I have remembered and gifting these Creations to Humanity,,, choosing the reality that I wish to experience and taking responsibility for my journey,,,as I walk the lighted pathway I shine my heartslight upon the World,,, stepping froward into the arena of my creation and raising my profile by broadcasting my message without fear,,, using my passion and inner freedom to inspire others as we enter a new paradigm.


Assisted by Laurence Elliot Potter/Producer (Larry Lush) and Nattynatstar on Harmonies Vocals and Flute and percussion ,,,Namaste,,, missmagikal

❤ ॐ Love ☯ ♪ ☮ ♪ ☯ Light ॐ ❤



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